Cubecatcher 1.1 - a game for Ludum Dare 26 made with Unity - latest version

This is the latest post-compo version, please use the compo version for rating.


My entry for the 26th Ludum Dare. Theme: minimalism (+ potato challenge).

Date: Sunday, April 28th, 2013. Time: approx. 8 hours. Tools: Unity3D, VisualStudio Express, Illustrator (potato), NanoStudio (sound)

Windows download (zipped exe, 7.5MB)

Source code download (Unity files, zipped, 581KB)





Move the red cube with WASD or the arrow keys. Press ENTER or SPACE to start. Press Escape to Quit to main screenor quit the game (from main screen).


Pickup cubes of the currently active color (=topbar color) to score. Beware of differently colored cubes! The smaller the cubes, the higher their worth. New cubes only spawn on correct hits, although potatoes may spawn on any hit. Potatoes count 50 points!


Try to reach the target score within the time limit.