The Awesome Game Project is the endeavour of three students Maren, Malte and me to make a 4 player FPS game. Unlike normal shooters it is set in one, very large room. A room that can be rotated by the players. The main challenge for us right now is getting multi-player to run and creating a smooth gaming experience.

This project was started by three of my fellow students in March 2012 but for various reasons never came to lift off properly. I joined the team in October 2012, when one team member had to leave for his practical semester.

One of the first things I did was writing down brief character descriptions upon which we then based our visual character design. Here’s two of them:

Doctor Invisible
Doctor Invisible was one of the leading neuro-psychologists. One day, during a session with an extremely irritating patient he found out how he could become invisible by concentrating really hard. He usually uses this ability to avoid his wife at home.
Age: 72
Special Abilities: Can become invisible for short periods of time. Lately this hasn’t been working that well, possibly due to his wife’s new vacuum cleaner. His wife finds that to be a good thing, Doc Invisible doesn’t.

Fartman is one of the few super heroes whose abilities manifested themselves only at a high age. A complication during a colonoscopy operation gave him his ‘special gift’. His colleagues at the office were happy to throw him an early retirement party. No Mexican food was served.
Age: 64
Abilites: His internal blowback system enables him to ‘jump’ extremely high. This works best after dinner at the taco bar on the corner.

The Robot
The Robot was built as a fighting machine by the military in the 1920s with an advanced A.I. it soon developed a conscience, left the military and successfully sued his ex-employers. The Robot now lives in San Francisco and enjoys watching dolphins. The military started developing ‘semi-intelligent’ drones and robots that don’t think that much.
Age: 89
Special Abilities: His steel body protects the robot from most attacks. However, time has left its marks, and the ‘guaranteed stainless steel’ by a Chinese quality manufacturer has started to rust.


Each of our team now set about creating one actual characters. I did the robot. What I tried to achieve here was a 20s feeling. The robot’s strength is obvious,but it still has a kind of utilitarian beauty.


From scribble


to 3D model


with textures & some effects