littleboyTogether with fellow student Stephan Hensler I just started on my first 2D pixel game. The game setting it the University for Arts, Design and popular Music Freiburg (hKDM) where we both study. The game will take an ironic look at a student’s day, following in the footsteps of classic adventures like Indiana Jones

No point & click though, the game will be purely keyboard / controller controlled for PC, MacĀ  & Linux, maybe with mobile support at some point.

All the dangers andĀ  challenges of daily student life need to be overcome. Pesky professors, annoying students, office chair races.

Gain health by drinking coffee & soft drinks, eating chocolate and pizza, but beware, if you drink too much coffee bad things might start to happen.


Stephan will provide the pixel game art while I will do the programming (probably C#) in Unity.