The 25th Ludum Dare game jam was the first game jam I participated in alone. After the 7DPFS challenge I did with a team in 5 days, doing a game all alone in 48 hours was a much bigger challenge but with half a year of additional game development experience I was confident to pull it off. I did, but not the way I would have liked to.

I got stuck fairly early on implementing the complex funny starting dialogue I’d quickly written down when the theme ‘You are the villain’ had been announced. I had simply much too many choices for the player. I chose to change the main game principle from the adventure concept I had had in mind to something simpler. The game was separated into two parts, the dialogue section and a surreal flight of the villain’s bullet killing cute kittens.

In the end my game became a 72 hour game jam entry, not the LD48 compo entry I’d set out for because I use some of my pre-existing scripts to solve some problems.

Another interesting experience was making my own music. Until then any audio design had always been restricted to sound creation but this time I wanted to make my own music. Due to lack of easy-to-learn programs I used the inudge online matrix music generator. Here’s the soundtrack I created:

villainsdream_01villainsdream_02 villainsdream_03 villainsdream_04